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I was the one talking about the North American gay player.. He isn't a famous player at all, he is mostly playing Challengers.

I'm not even saying he is gay, I have no proof whatsoever. R79, just who do you think is going to guess the name of a journeyman tennis player- I am a huge tennis fan of decades, and I don't have a clue. I mean R76 just came out an told us Jim Courier blew him.

Maybe he's bi, curious, or just trying to read a book.

There's never been a sighting of him with a boyfriend, ever. Courier, no.[quote]70% of female tennis players Nope.

Djokovic is always a good one for putting on a show. A lot of people hinted at the fact that they were very close and more than just practice partners.r61 - Milos Raonic? He talks about her all the time, seems very in love, and she even came down to Mexico to vacation with him after he pulled out of Acapulco. You're right, Ferrer seems gay and kinda pings too. I think they are mainly straight, but they have definitely hooked up. I would advice people living in Austin to go and see them and PLEASE report back. He's a VERY mediocre player, a journeyman basically. I think he is gay, but I have no proof and I could be wrong. Murray needed a wake-up call and hopefully this was it.

And do you really think anonymously speculating on a no-name player's sexuality based on your interpretation of his mannerisms is going to ruin his career?? I think he's gay, because he pings my gaydar, but I have no proof. I have just heard some interviews and he has a gay voice. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time, though for me, yes, he seems gay. Of course they could just beard it up, though I doubt it. The sexual chemistry between those two is just insane. R95, you said he was North American, which narrowed it down to Canada. And he's really in a slump these days, not even winning challenger matches! I'm just saying what I think after having followed him for a while.. Next up you get to play my boyfriend Tommy Robredo. Young's press conference had to be the longest of his career so far.

"Gay men get married all the time" does not validate every gay rumor.

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He is trying hard to make it, and being labeled gay wouldn't exactly help. Is anyone on DL going to be at Indian Wells this week? It would be cool if he were gay, but I lose respect for gays who flat out deny it only to come out later on.He may be a journeyman, but he is still the second or third ranked player this country has. I like when people have stories about meeting players coming off the practice courts. I've been following tennis for a long time and, yes, there were rumors about Muster back in the mid-90s, when he was one of the top players.