Cam2cam on iphone

23-Oct-2014 02:28

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THE INFORMATION AGE Easily view your image data including location, date, preset used and more.FULL RESOLUTION* Import and export your images in high resolution without sacrificing any quality.VSCO Cam is an interesting alternative to the default i Phone camera app.It takes great pictures, has lots of editing tools, and looks fantastic.The VSCO Cam interface does get some things right though, particularly when it comes to editing.The use of sliders makes tweaking very clean and simple, and you can hold down an edited image to see its original state, which is handy.The range of photo editing tools in VSCO Cam is as good as any you'll see in a free photo app (including Photoshop Express).There are settings for exposure, temperature, contrast, saturation, tint, shadows, and much more, which can all be set easily via a slider.

VSCO PRESET PACKS Browse a stunning array of Preset Packs available for purchase in the In-App store.One argument for favoring VSCO Cam over the native camera app is its wealth of presets and editing tools.