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26-Nov-2014 08:50

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The final installment offers strategies for successfully handling claims and appealing denials.

First, we kick off this series with a broad overview.

Although you may afford premiums, deductibles and co-pays while you’re healthy, out-of-pocket expenses can quickly deplete your financial resources when you need standard breast cancer care.

If your medical expenses exceed your policy’s financial cap, you may find yourself maxing out your credit cards, depleting your savings and spending the mortgage payment to pay for your treatment.

These policies are only available to those who have not yet been diagnosed.

They typically pay for cancer treatment, but not for problems you may encounter because of treatment.

If you’re considering a cancer policy, study it carefully; does it offer coverage already provided by your health care plan?

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The ABCs of Health Plans According to a Kaiser Family Foundation study, nearly two-thirds of American women under age 65 have employer-sponsored health coverage, through their own jobs or their spouses’.Contact your state insurance commissioner to inquire about other alternatives.Here are six tips for getting the most from your plan: Should you consider cancer insurance?With an HMO, you pay premiums and modest co-payments for office visits and prescriptions.

PPOs work similarly, although premiums are usually higher.

In addition to premiums, you must first satisfy an annual deductible before the plan pays a portion of your medical fees (typically 50-80%). Choosing the Right Plan All plans are not alike; nor will all plans provide the coverage you need if you develop breast cancer.

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