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18-Jul-2014 07:00

The installation or the update of Sonar Qube is not automatic, it is not a click on an executable to implement the software, there are some manual steps.

Besides these Upgrade Notes for version 4.5 list possible impacts on my Sonar Qube environment, the different analysis and projects in my repository, their configurations, and especially the potential conflicts with previous versions of plugins.

The problem is that the account ‘Local System’ attempts to start the service, which does not work on my laptop.

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Moreover, this is what is clearly indicated in the tab ‘Plugin Updates’: I tried to download and install a new version of the ‘Developer Cockpit’ plugin in the corresponding directory ‘..\Sonar\sonarqube-4.5.1\extensions\plugins’, then a Restart of the Sonar service, but unsuccessfully: The log ‘..\Sonar\sonarqube-4.5.1\logs\sonar.log’ clearly tells me that I can not work with this version of this plugin for this version of Sonar Qube.

Detailed instructions can be found in a previous post Sonar Qube Upgrade 4-0.