Railroad dating spikes

15-Oct-2016 02:20

Ties were never removed because of age, so date nails did not tell section foremen when to replace ties.

In fact, some railroads found that dated ties lasted longer than usual because the men took special care of these ties.

They needed some method of keeping track of the lives of ties, so like their European counterparts they decided to mark them.

Lengths run from a paltry 3/4" up to 3", with shank diameters running from 1/8" up to 5/16".Thirdly, a screw spike can also be used together with a spring washer.No matter it is a dog spike or a screw spike, it will be the best spike, if it is used in the right place.The newest date nail in a tie in North America is an aluminum 94 found in CSX track in Virginia.

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The decline of the use of date nails can be attributed mainly to two things: the perfection of treatment techniques, and to the reliance of stamps in the ends of the ties for records.

Ss series sleeper screw is one of our hot sales, with different dimensions as shown below The two-end-head screw spike is always used with Nabla clip fastening system, especially popular used in Africa.

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