Nfs export list not updating

29-Aug-2014 00:17

You should be able to manually setup cinder with that containers following this guides: container setup and its o Virt integration are still working.

Kolla images will not run on Fedora 22 or later currently.

The o Virt Project is pleased to announce the availability of o Virt 3.6.0 Release as of November 4th, 2015.

o Virt is an open source alternative to VMware v Sphere, and provides an awesome KVM management interface for multi-node virtualization.

Fedora 22 compresses kernel modules with the compressed format.

The guestfs system in the Cent OS family of containers cannot read these images because a dependent package supermin in Cent OS needs to be updated to add compressed format support.

If you're upgrading an existing Hosted Engine setup, please follow Hosted_Engine_Howto#Upgrade_Hosted_Engine guide.

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o Virt Engine setup now provides experimental Cinder and Glance automated deployment using Docker Cinder and Glance images are from kollaglue project.- VMs with 3 IDE disks cannot run - Grammar - console connection denied: 'to not' - 'not to' - Unable to upgrade RHEVH - Host slot-6 installation failed. - [RFE] Improving the host networking API - Error message received (when for example a VM cannot be powered due to missing CD) has formatting issue - Inconsistent terminology used for Run Once in VM power on error dialog - pool VM - fields which are not editable are presented inconsistently - [ux] serial number policy inconsistency - On datacenter with compatibility version less than 3.5 attaching and detaching from one dc to another in the same setup can cause vm states loss (depending on timing of the detach) - [HC] - Do not allow adding Gluster FS storage domain, if hosts of the selected dc, do not report they have the Gluster FS packages.- Host Qos Edit network dialog(pencil) on SN report Qo S parameters, while vds Caps on host doesn't - wrong VM type tool-tip for Desktop pooled-VMs - Inconsistent behavior of blank and custom templates when there is no enough MAC addresses left in MAC Address Pool and misleading error message - [rhevm UI glance] Cannot resize columns in import disk dialogue from glance - [TEXT] - Management Network shouldn't be displayed in Description of the Network if it is not attached to Cluster - virtio-rng required sources change should pre-check hosts in a cluster - [API] Incorrect error message when creating of new Cluster fails and ovirtmgmt is missing - [webadmin] resize values of general subtab of Users tab - Cel tables widgets checkbox cloumns header are missing and not working - [UX] "LUN ID" check box is not working - Remove vm button is disabled in vms context menu if multiple vms selected - Reboot button is disabled in vm context menu if multiple vms selected - Some minor grammatical errors found during translation - text too large ("Random Number" heading) in New Cluster dialog - [RFE] allow for the use of one untagged/native VLAN for VM network on a VLAN trunk - Wrong error message when trying to remove a template's disks without specifying its storage domain.Hence, the HE VM dies - Enable non-admin users to list icons over REST - [User Portal] [IE11] Can't save Edit VM dialog, click jumps to 'Icon' section - Icon file is not parsable - Validation error when adding nic to vm: NETWORK_MAC_ADDRESS_IN_USE o Virt 3.6.0 Seventh Beta - Missing hints for the new affinity group dialog - [BUG]ovirt packaged websockify produces zombies (patch available) - Improve ovirt-websocket-proxy debbuging logs - Custom Properties lists Not-Configured instead of Not Configured for a Virtual Machine - Remove Cluster host has text issues and inconsistent usage of trailing period - Virtual Machines tab Snapshots sub-tab lists Ok for Status and then OK for the Snapshots Disk sub-tab - [Text] The Export Virtual Machine dialog error message when no Export domain is present is a bit confusing due to the incorrect usage of Virtual Machine(s) instead of Virtual Machine’s - MAC pool range per DC Combine MAC pool range that includes Unicast and Multicast MAC's is blocked - [Admin Portal] Upgrade/Install Host dialog too narrow, can't fully display current version - [events] VM_MIGRATION_FAILED(Migration failed) event not caugh, impacted by VM_MIGRATION_FAILED_NO_VDS_TO_RUN_ON?

- MAC Address is already in use error when trying to create new v NIC with custom MAC address, manually assigned in DC with 'allow duplication' - Datacenter Admin role on system can't add new DC (missing CONFIGURE_MAC_POOL action group) - Wrong error is thrown when calling 'images' attribute from a data domain - Unstable unittest in engine - [ovirt][webadmin] Wrong alignment, missing fields, incosistent tabs - [New Host Setup Networks Command] Marking ip Configuration and overridden Qo S as out-of-sync - [New Host Setup Networks] Remove custom_properties from vds_interface table and Vds Network Interface entity - [userportal] Unable to add new nic to vm - Sorting is not working under [Hosts] main tab for all the columns in this tab - AREM should enforce affinity groups from the largest to the smallest - engine-config&Web UI show different info for MAC pool range - [Clusters] 'required all' and 'assigned all' checkboxes completely stopped working (in both of the dialogs) - Two instances of Update Storage Domain Command/Extend SANStorage Domain Command executed concurrently - Migration issues Importing Storage Domain no more VM - Failed to update template name, when exists vms that was created from this template - Typo found during translation "The VM $ has sanpshots that must be collapsed." - [ppc64le] VM startup takes too long when hot-plug memory feature is enabled - Runtime Exception: Failed managing transaction - occurs when refreshing host capabilities and powering off VM.- [admin portal] cannot open console when VM is started Run Once-Paused mode - [RHEVM] : Not able to create new VM fails with error message "General command validation failure".

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