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15-Nov-2014 03:02

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it is okay with me also if my partner dont want children,,as long as you are with me and i am with you and we truly love, respect and faithful to one another I pray and hoped that all this my dream will work out,,,, AND I HOPE U ARE THE MAN MEANT TO BE WITH ME.As I will going to finish this letter of mine I hope u inspired reading it and appreciate for what I am and my dreams, Have a nice day to you,,,take care and god bless... I am a member of a number of anti-scam organisations, I first came across these parasites more than fifteen years ago, then it was only Africans, and these were not at all sophisticated.We can hardly put someone in Prison for acting suspicious but we also don’t want to leave someone out there who we are very confident is a Scammer. Luckily, in this case, when we investigated Joan49 we discovered that some of her photos were clearly photos of an Indonesian celebrity, and that was good enough for us to be able to conclude she is not who she says she is and is therefore a Scammer, so we tossed her into the slammer.We also reprimanded the employee who approved Joan49 for not catching the photos as stolen when Joan49 uploaded them, but the employee remembered having checked the photos on Google and getting no indication of them being posted elsewhere on the internet.

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Actually, I am here not for play games but for real cause if u only play games with me your only wasting your time and I am here for good intention and willingness of my heart to have a good man.I hope i will be respect and not to give bad meaning cause I decide to search for the right man here for goodness and not for worsed...Most of the time, they talk a lot, then steer the discussion towards money. It is possible that it is a legitimate letter in the sense that she thinks that she finds a man that can give her money. Wait until you know people before parting with yours, when you refuse you will normally find if the person is not genuine, he or she will be gone.