Futanari dating sim

27-Sep-2014 02:46

You are a male citizen of the Empire, you are oppressed and objectified at every turn. It is a type a simulation game where you play your own role.

Your goal is to choose a girl among many, and seduce her.

A Hentai, Futanari, Yuri, Dating Visual Novel [18 ]Story setting: You play as a senior high-school girl who moves into a new school to complete her final semester.

She's not a futa herself and has never met one, so curiosity and romance quickly ensues when encounters each of these lovely ladies above.

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It’s like having a second job (or third job, for some of the team members).

Also it will be completely free to play when finished Which girl do you think looks the most interesting? I like the design of the girl with the cat ear headband (who I assume is happy-go-lucky).

Those kind of girls in dating games make the first run less awkward. She gives off the tsun-tsun vibe (to which I can only say "challenge accepted'').

edit : the game was broken since the fall of the Mochi Group. -------------------------------------------------------- The second version of Sex Ed is out !

I have listen your reviews and here is the result...

Each girl has their own story, but if you want to skip straight to tasty bits I'm designing the game where it doesn't penalize you for not doing the story path. Hentai versus story is 50/50 I'm 70 illustrations into the project already and I don't like announcing things unless I know I'm committed to finishing.