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The ego serves as the general manager of personality, making decisions regarding the pleasures that will be pursued at the id's demand, the person's safety requirements, and the moral dictates of the superego that will be followed.

The superego refers to the repository of an individual's moral values, divided into the conscience - the internalization of a society's rules and regulations - and the ego-ideal - the internalization of one's goals.

It is a phenomenon that Freud theorized accounts for many repressed feelings and desires, but also helps develop strong gender roles.

It is at this time that boys will begin to develop castration anxiety and girls will develop penis envy.

One of the main components of the unconscious mind is repression, and he theorized that the painful memories that people push to the back of their minds ultimately becomes a part of their unconscious mind and is therefore still a part of their behaviors, whether they are cognizant of that fact or not.

Along the same lines of the unconscious mind was Freud's division of the psyche into three parts: the id, the ego, and the superego.

Psychodynamics was a relatively new concept, so Freud took it upon himself to explore the differences between the conscious and unconscious mind.

He argues that we submitted to motivations from both parts of our mind.

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Freud focused a lot of his studies on the phallic stage.His main theory during was the Oedipus complex, named for the Greek tragedy in which the protagonist unknowingly kills his father and marries his mother.The Oedipus complex states that during the early stages of life (the phallic stage), a child will begin to have strong feelings of affection towards the parent of the opposite sex, and try to cut out or eliminate the parent of the same sex.The id is unconscious and is one of our main motivations. The ego develops once an individual begins to understand reality, and that always following our id would be considered selfish.

Our ego allows us to take others' feelings into consideration and balance out the overwhelming desires of our id. The superego gives us a moral compass so that we may understand what is right and what is wrong.The id is comprised of our basic drives and desires.