Differentiate between validating and non validating xml parser linq updating

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Column 9 (August/September 1997): Pointers and callbacks. Column 10 (October/November 1997): Creating bitmaps from arbitrary pixel data.You can disable context menus, and can disable all or selected accelerator keys.The tool is called WBCustomizer and is available by downloading from Column 7 (April/May 1997): Active X Programming, part 1. Column 5 (December/January 1997): Using the Tree View control. (March/April 1999) VBScript and Active Server Pages for Easy Web Database Programming. (January/February 1999) Visual Basic and the Common Gateway Interface. (November/December 1998) Object oriented file access. Column 8 (June/July 1997): Active X programming, part 2. (November/December 1999) Active X Documents part 1. (September/October 1999) Visual Basic for Applications. Column 3 (August/September 1996): Using resource files with Visual Basic Column 2 (June/July 1996): Variant speed penalties, uses for collections. (July/August 1999) Data Sources, Data Sinks (part 2). Column 4 (October/November 1996): Taskbar tray icons.

Column 12 (February/March 1998): Creating and using custom events.

While some customization is possible through the control's properties and events, this is sometimes not sufficient.

Microsoft has made a tool available that permits certain Web Browser customizations, specifically having to do with accelerator keys and context (right-click) menus.

The argument b is the value, in the range 0-255, to be sent. Be careful when using this function, because by writing directly to the hardware it bypasses the Windows safety nets.

You can get into all sorts of trouble if you are not careful!

In effect, this control provides the browser functionality of Internet Explorer in a software component that you can incorporate in your projects.

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