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He posted on Weibo (Chinese equivalent of twitter) that his favourite Shakespeare sonnet is #144. You don't even have to be an expert on Shakespeare to see the implications (bisexuality, preferred male lover over female one). The fact that he portrayed himself to his largely female admirers (aka The Armitage Army) as a heterosexual man is where the real problem lies.

The Richlees are over the moon, but AR's fangirls are having an aneurysm. The ladies adored him for his apparent authenticity and credibility and that appears to be in question.

General Use in Fandom After Domlijah, the term tinhats was adopted by fans in many fandoms to describe similar conspiracy theorists and believers.

The term is more likely to be used by nonbelievers than the fans in question, though it depends[7].

The group around Ms Allegro was especially vehement in their belief in the couple.

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The threads exploded, and people who had hitherto wavered on the fringes started to get sucked in.[4] That is, many additional fans started to believe that these actors really were "shouting out" to their supporters by their color choices, ring wearing or non-wearing, and song choices.

One of the forums that I've seen on my travels is called : Richard Armitage is Made of Majesty, Kindness and Perfection. He definitely has a large number of fans but their obsession makes it look as if he has much more .

His fans have increased considerably - and have gotten younger - since the Hobbit filmsr205 What you said is true. For example, Ricky Martin has almost 12 million followers on twitter and Armitage has 124 k followers.

The actors explicitly denied being a couple several times, making fun of the various rumors.

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Dom said at a convention Q&A in 2003, that the actors had "read rumors of a contract they signed with New Line that they wouldn't come out as gay until after Return of the King." Dom laughed, and added, in a sarcastic tone that they were "thinking of walking down the red carpet holding hands for Return of the King." [5] Nothing like that, or any other kind of public announcement ever happened, and the actors have continued to deny any romantic involvement with each other.[6] As of April 2010, these actors have mentioned long-term girlfriends.

And the filthy jews are keeping Lee Pace and Richard Armitage in the closet because they're not really gay. By they way, read somewhere that she was seen kissing Lee, on the cheek of course, at The Crucible after party, so i guess she is not too mad her unconfirmed ex has a new love. I am proud of Datalounge for doing the right thing.

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