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07-May-2014 22:55

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I wasn't even sure of my sexuality - I wasn't into boys, so I thought I must be a lesbian, but when I thought about girls they didn't appeal to me either.For a while I called myself bisexual (which you could argue is technically correct since I have the same level of attraction to boys and girls: none).When I was 17 and my friends were in relationships I did try dating boys.

We tend to use terms like 'a-romantic', 'bi-romantic' and 'hetero-romantic'.

Simone, 22, a law student from Manchester, is asexual and has never had sex Asexuality is not experiencing sexual attraction and not having the feelings most people get when they look at or touch someone they're attracted to.

During my teens I didn't go through what other people did.

I’m of the opinion that I should win my man over with my infinite dopeness and wait to see if he wins me over, too.

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Then, once I know we’re feeling each other, I can drop the celibacy bomb and let him decide whether he’s OK with sacrificing sex for the chance to kick it with a winner. I’m just saying that the man I relinquish my C-card to should be willing to show me that he deserves it. I’m waiting for someone who will do what few men in our age range can: Be patient and court me. And until then I will continue to break into cold sweats mid-date, wondering, “How do I tell him?

'But most of us will go through a dry spell at some point, and some people just aren't that into it. One of the reasons I wrote the book was to try to bring celibacy back as an option.' While people may dip in and out of celibacy, asexuality tends to be a permanent state.

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