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In a world of rigidly enforced aesthetic fascism, two outcasts--a psychologically tormented man and his limbless mate--plan an ambitious jailbreak from their state-run institution home.

Thus begins their journey across a Fellini-esque landscape of abandoned power plants, marauding gangs, bizarre inhabitants, and ghostly apparitions as the lovers search for The Tabernacle, a legendary sanctuary where misfits like themselves are said to live in freedom and fulfillment. Comics is used to express ideas via images, often combined with text or other visual information.

(Chris Pohl), Blutengel, Terminal Choice 2003 "Menschenbrecher" .

synth-goth gothic electro, synth-goth , gothic electro , dark electro EBM .

Back To The USSR: 90- Schneewittchen, dark cabaret, .

- doom-metal , , sympho-metal , , "" : " - - - - - - ".

, death-rock indie-, , indie- psychobilly, gothabilly indie-rock .

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, Caprice, Corde Oblique Ashram, Artesia Jack Or Jive. Arcana, Impressions Of Winter Ophelia'S Dream, Sophya, In The Nursery Autumn's Grey Solace, dreampop.

Autumn Tears, Dark Sanctuary, Die Verbannten Kinder Evas, Amber Asylum, ethereal -, Angizia, , ethereal neoclassic, Weltenbrand.

gothic industrial Emilie Autumn, 90- 2000-, gothic industrial , indie metal-. Ҹ , 2000- Ianva dark cabaret , martial industrial, dark folk . dark cabaret The Dresden Dolls Katzenjammer Kabarett.

(David Lynch) " " (Twin Peaks), dreampop- (Julee Cruice).

, , : The Moon Seven Times, Love Spirals Downwards, Autumn's Grey Solace Claire Voyant.

Back To The USSR: "death-rock" 70- Christian Death, . gothic rock horror- , .o , death-rock, Kommunity FK, Naked & The Dead Theatre Of Ice, Virgin Prunes. Cinema Strange death-rock 90- : Antiworld Penis Flytrap , Zombina & The Skeletons Cauda Pavonis Bloody, Dead & Sexy .