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Is there any built-in function in PHP to validate an audio file except comparing MIME types, which can easily be invalid, because who says user uploads it only using a web-browser, anyone can make custom uploader sending let's say MIME type as audio/mpeg even though it's an EXE.

Or do I really have to compare magic numbers of each file?

MPEG Audio Validation Module provides validation of MPEG audio Layer I and Layer II elementary streams according to the ISO/IEC 11172-3 and ISO/IEC 13818-3 standards.

The validation process examines and validates the internal stream structures and detects audio frames decoding errors.

Each category may require a different type of data management plan. When data are processed, organized, structured or presented in a given context so as to make them useful, they are called information. Metadata is structured data about data, of any sort in any media, that imposes order on a disordered information universe.

It is not enough to have data (such as statistics on the economy). But when these data are , they become useful and can be called information. In database management systems, metadata are index files and data dictionaries that store administrative information.

Hi, I keep getting this window pop up saying "validating audio data" after i have captured any footage. I am working in a project shot in a JVC DV at 24p normal not advanced What workflow should I use in FCP what I did is a normal ntsc dv easy set up and capture but I get validating audio data is this OK Should I use a easy set up 23.98 confused on workflow ?

I have followed the steps on how to trash your preferences but that still doesn't seem to work?

Research data can be generated for different purposes and through different processes, and can be divided into different categories.Each MPEG audio check can be disabled or enabled or set to another report type, such as Info, Warning or Error.The solution can be applied in wide variety of workflows.In other words, it most likely does not go through the entire file, checking that it is 100% valid.

In order to do that to all the file formats you are allowing, you would need more heavy-duty programs, and probably at least a dedicated server.The validation process is faster than the real-time decoding process of the media file.