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They had even calculated the distance between Earth and Moon as 108 diameters of Moon and Earth and Sun as 108 diameters of Sun.

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The word Geometry seems to have emerged from the Sanskrit word gyaa-miti which means "measuring the Earth".He stated that every object in creation is made of atoms that in turn connect with each other to form molecules nearly 2,500 years before John Dalton.Further, Kanad described the dimension and motion of atoms, and the chemical reaction with one another.And the word Trigonometry is similar to tri-kona-miti meaning "measuring triangular forms".

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Euclid is credited with the invention of Geometry in 300 BCE while the concept of Geometry in India emerged in 1000 BCE, from the practice of making fire altars in square and rectangular shapes.

From the invention of the decimal system in mathematics to the noble philosophy of ahimsã, Hindus have contributed their share in all fields of knowledge and learning.