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05-Jul-2016 21:01

our 14 yr old Yr9 at high school usually is the one to bring up certain things on a quite moment.

We always approach this subject in a sensetive grown up way but as said previously will answer any questions that he has, and boy have we had a few that were quite near the mark and did not think he would ask us.

Kids learn at there own pace , they are all different.

Boys often pick up 'slang names' for things or sex in the playground (this is going to happen and part of going to school).

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'ok, have you heard of that before, do you know what it means, what do you think? and then judge whether they are in a receptive mood to talk, if not, I don't push it.

It may be down to peer pressure that he has felt the need to look at things.. Don't be too hard on him as I bet he'll be sitting there wishing for a big hole in the floor to come along & swallow him up! Basically, the first thing we told them is that the images they see on the pc are not a representation of either real life or of any girls they will meet, and are designed for shock and entertainment value, we said that there is lots of good information out there and will always help them find it, but would rather they came to us with any questions they might have.

You do need to reassure him that curiosity at his age is completely normal, bless him I can imagine how embarrassed he must be, both our DS's were reduced to tears when they realised we knew what they had been looking at! Your DS will already know far more than you think from his friends, peers, etc.

The talks we give hopefully will ensure that they understand things correctly i mean we all know or can imagine how 'play ground' talks with their mates might be like so want to ensure that they are fully understanding.

My 14 will say "k Mum thats enough" then I know he is getting a bit embarressed and/or I have covered enough for him to want to know for his age.

Sorry I don't have any advice to offer but I just wanted to give a hug and I hope you manage to figure out a way to approach your son in a sensitive manner.