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C & O did not desire to transport passengers on the line, but was ordered to do so by the State of West Virginia.Passenger service was finally operated on the branch line following a decision of the United States Supreme Court in Chesapeake & Ohio Railway Company v. Named in honor of the Marquis de la Fayette, a major hero of the American Revolutionary War, Fayette County, Virginia was created in 1831. In 1792, a 400-acre (1.6 km²) tract of land in the area was patented to Charles Skaggs.The Chicago Dragoons had a strong religious orientation and ties to the Young Men's Christian Association (YMCA) of Chicago.Many Union troops felt they were fighting the moral issue of slavery while although many citizens of Fayette County were more sympathetic to the "states rights" issues of the Confederacy. The area of what is now southern West Virginia was long a hunting ground for nomadic tribes of Native-Americans before the arrival of Europeans in the 17th century. Route 60 on a portion of the Midland Trail a National Scenic Byway near Hawk's Nest overlooking the New River far below.

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During the winter of 1861-62, the Chicago Gray Dragoons of the Union Army were based at the Halfway House (Tyree Tavern) in what is now Ansted. Lee maintained headquarters on nearby Sewell Mountain.

Today, the Ansted-Hawks Nest Rail Trail follows the route from the Town of Ansted down the steep mountainside to the area of Hawks Nest Station in the New River Valley.

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