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In return, they gratefully receive nothing other than the opportunity itself. How was this powerful draw constituted historically? For Kipnis, to dream in this limited, “deadening” way can itself be seen as a form of gendered labor or housework “functional for society” (94).

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The emasculating presence of “three babies” points to an already-existing burden of potentially precarious social-reproductive work on side.

Most people currently , in large part, the joy of flourishing in communion with their love-mates.

Yet there is a dimension of burdensome labor to the process of tracking down those ‘other halves’ – as they are still called – just as there is work in the process of making a life with them, not least creating the home within which love can be tended.

What one can think of, then, as the of finding and cultivating sweethearts is today more private and individualized than ever. is theorizing “Love” as the only and ultimate need.

At the same time, a certain forced collectivization of living has lately been imposed on more and more of us. The show produces the submission of individuals to these oppressively high stakes, at least as much as it responds to it.

One cannot escape this symbolic grammar, on a first date, simply by willing it away.