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'If you know you are facing a ditching, the crash-landing of an aircraft on water, it is crucial that you land the plane absolutely level,’ said David Learmount, operations and safety officer of Flight Global.'You must not try to keep the plane airborne and if you land it too slowly you will drop out of the sky,’ he added.A reveller claimed she is Daniel's 'girlfriend,' and they are debating on whether to go public, but the cheeky actor kept their relationship under wraps after he was asked about her at the event. The man who saved 155 lives in the Miracle on the Hudson has been revealed as a master not only of flying, but also of understatement.Passers-by in Manhattan peer curiously at the plane today - still submerged in the Hudson and now surrounded by chunks of ice that, thankfully, were not floating in the river during the miracle landing 'I've heard Sully say to people that it's rare for an airline pilot to have an incident in their career so I was not afraid.It never crosses my mind.' Flanked by her daughters Kate, 15, and Kelly, 14, she added: 'We are very proud of dad.The reply was simply: 'You're welcome.' So proud: Lorraine Sullenberger, flanked by daughters Kate, right, and Kelly, left, fights back tears of pride for her husband as she spoke to the media yesterday Once ashore, the captain, a father of two teenage daughters, phoned his wife Lorraine at home in California to tell her: 'There's been an accident, darling.' The 57-year-old former fighter pilot received plaudits from around the world yesterday after landing his stricken U. Only by executing a perfect textbook 'bellyflop' did the pilot prevent the 100-ton fuselage from disintegrating on impact.The captain, who has been flying for nearly 40 years and also runs a safety consulting firm, walked through the aisle of the partially-submerged plane twice to make sure it was empty before being the last to leave on Thursday night. Sullenberger III, otherwise known as Sully, the pilot who save 155 lives - pictured left at the U. Air Force Academy in in 1973, the year he joined; and right, more recently as a US Airways pilot After his 150 passengers and four crew were ferried to shore from the sinking jet, he remained as calm as he had been from the moment a flock of geese knocked out both of his engines moments after take-off.

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'I was nearly in tears with relief, but he was so calm.

New York Governor David Paterson said: ‘This is really a potential tragedy that may have become one of the most spectacular days in the history of New York City. : The wake made by the landing can still be seen in the water as passengers crawl out on the wings to wait for help 'The pilot did a masterful job,’ added New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

'I have spoken to him and he said he walked up and down the plane after everyone was off and he was confident there wasn’t anyone left on board.’ The flight left New York’s La Guardia Airport bound for Charlotte, North Carolina, at about 3.20pm yesterday afternoon.

Hypothermia took up to just eight minutes to set in with the water temperature just above freezing.

Several survivors were treated for hypothermia and one stewardess broke her collarbone, but all - included a nine-month-old baby and a toddler - survived.

Harry Potter star Daniel, 23, who split from Rosie Coker in October after a two year relationship, is thought to have worked his magic on brunette Erin because of the character he plays in the new flick - controversial gay poet Allen Ginsberg.

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