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Only 12 of the indicted defendants were tried, the 9 appellants and 3 others who were tried in absentia.Francisco Adriano ARMEDO-SARMIENTO, aka Eduardo Sanchez, aka Pacho el Mono, aka Elkin, aka Francisco Velez With him stood on trial Edgar Restrepo-Botero, Leon Velez, Olegario Montes-Gomez, Ruben Dario Roldan, William Rodriguez-Parra and Jorge Gonzalez.As always, Puparo welcomes any comments, corrections, information, or contacts that readers wish to provide to add to his text.By Puparo Queens (NY) based Medellin boss Griselda Blanco “La Madrina” (The Godmother) Griselda Blanco came to Queens in the late 60s with Carlos Trujillo (the father of her sons Dixon, Uber and Osvaldo).Among those were Cabrera, Carmen Caban, Ramos, Rincon, Hernandez, Diaz and Arturo Gonzalez.Brothers Libardo Gill and Carmen Gill when two police officers visited the Gills' apartment in connection with an unrelated investigation, they observed two partially smoked marijuana cigarettes and some currency on a table. Thereupon, one of the officers proceeded to search the apartment, as a security check to see if anyone else was present who might threaten their safety or destroy evidence.Griselda Blanco, nicknamed "The Cocaine Godmother", was gunned down by an assassin in Medellin, Colombia, on Monday.

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Gangsters Inc.’s very own Puparo took it upon himself to check his archives, books, articles, documentaries, and other sources to compile a detailed list of Griselda Blanco’s murder victims.The link between this evidence and Blanco was Carmen Caban's testimony that Blanco in 1972 had discussed with a cohort the use of dog cages to smuggle cocaine into New York and later that year discussed with the cohort their losses when one of their couriers was arrested at Kennedy Airport for trying to smuggle cocaine in a dog cage.