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05-Jul-2016 03:51

The 40-year-old MTV star, who’s known for his daring skateboard stunts, put up a play-by-play to Instagram so his fans could see how he proposed to his girlfriend and former Playboy playmate Bryiana Noelle Flores on Saturday.After slipping away to “use the bathroom,” Dyrdek appeared on stage riding an elephant and asked his beauty-queen girlfriend to join him on stage.A video of the arrest, obtained by TMZ, shows Dudley begging the security personnel to let her go, at one point even declaring, 'I've been on TV for 17 seasons.' But her showbiz credentials failed to impress.She then changes tack and apparently tells a guard 'she'll do anything.' In the commotion, it is difficult to make out what exactly Dudley offers the officer, but he responds by saying: 'you're gonna go for bribery now too?

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Rob Dyrdek and Bryiana Dyrdek have a lot to look forward to as they wait to welcome their little one!In March, the professional skateboarder and his wife—who he married in September 2015—announced they are expecting their first child together...a baby boy!"I am so happy to announce my beautiful wife is pregnant with our first child.host whisked his girlfriend onstage at a live performance of Aladdin at Disneyland, which just happens to be her favorite show.

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After inconspicuously slipping away from the performance, Dyrdek reappeared riding a prop elephant.

"The pair must be preparing to add a third member to their family as they recently purchased a new home.