Amber dating hyuna

18-Jan-2015 09:05

Some comments on SNS say "She could've just leave Amber's face without covering her.","Why did she cover Amber's face?

","She's still her sister's friend and co-member though".

She is appearing at a showcase at SXSW Music this year, so she may get buzz in the U. So regardless of gender, it is difficult for any kpop star to break out of the box.

But for someone like Hyuna whose label is clinging to her image as a sexpot, her chances to focus on her non-physical skills and talents, are even more limited.

Fortunately most of f(x) fans are not taking it seriously and brush it off like, "So cute how Jessica used heart sticker for Amber.","She's considerate 'coz Amber might not want to appear of Jung Sis photos.,"It's Jung Sis photos after all.","Amber said she's scared of Jessica before lol." and more.

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Hyun A is preparing for her comeback with her girl group 4minute, while Hyunseung is preparing for a world tour with his boy group B2ST.

A makeup-less Hyun A looked to be really friendly with the male who was also dressed casually wearing a cap and a backpack.

However, after some further research it was revealed that the supposed 'male' in the photograph was none other than f(x)'s Amber.

And nowhere does her lack of conformity with gender norms stick out more than in the video for Chocolate Love, a video that TLF has previously written about, considering it has the young members of f(x) practically drape themselves in … With lady pairings for the gentleman’s gaze and lingers on their bodies.

And Amber is only present to rap, considering how she is considered to be outside of the attractiveness bubble (for hetero men).Even before Gangnam Style, Hyuna was already “the single most-scrutinized girl group member in the whole of K-pop. The phenomenon of “slut-shaming” happens all over pop culture, and is used to place a negative mark on a girl, frequently one who is especially pretty, talented, or stands out in some way.